About CSGO

Counter Strike Global Offensive, a game produced by Valve has hit the heights since its release in 2002. The major talk about the game is mostly related to competitives, ranks and prime games.

What is a Competitive game?

Competitive is a 5v5 game mode where players have a chance to solo queue or play in a lobby against players of their ranks. Players have the option to choose the maps they would like to play. A player must have private rank 2 in order to play a competitive match.

What are ranks and why do they matter?

There are namely 18 ranks in Counter Strike Global Offensive, ranging from Silver I which is the least, to The Global Elite. The ranks can be divided into categories; Silver, Gold Nova and Master Guardian, followed by the higher ranks that come after Distinguished Master Guardian, from Legendary Eagle to The Global Elite. In order to open a rank in a fresh account, 10 games have to be won or even less if you have drawn a couple of games. According to how well you perform against your opponents, your skill group is assigned. To do this, there is a 21 hour cooldown after every two wins. After you open your starting rank, there is no limit of matches that you can win in a day. These ranks play an integral role in finding the same players nearest to the skill group of yours for a competitive match. You can rank up if your ELO is high enough after consistenly winning games. There is also a chance of de-ranking if you are on a losing streak. If you do not play a competitive match for a month or more, you lose your rank, which then requires a draw or win to attain a new one. The main thing: What are the 18 ranks and how do they differ from each other?

Silver I (s1)- This is the lowest rank that you can attain in CS GO. Silver I is a typical rank where a player is a complete newbie who needs time to know and learn the basics of CS GO. (4.17%)

Silver II(s2) – People having Silver II as their rank have a difficult time in aiming and have no gamesense at all. (4.21%)

Silver III(s3) – Players at Silver III are fond of the ‘run and gun’ method. They are getting to know about some of the basics but still need time to develop their aim. (4.32%)

Silver IV (s4)- Familiar with the basic and useful CS GO knowledge. However, they still struggle due to not aiming well. (5.35%)

Silver Elite(s5,se) – At this stage, players get out of the lower tier and try to develop their aim. However, there is no team work or commincation at this level. (6.64%)

Silver Elite Master (s6,sem) – Most common CS GO Silver rank. Players at this level prefer rushing and there is barely any strat or tactic used. (7.63%)

Gold Nova I(gn1) – The most common CS GO starting rank. You would still find Silver play from the players at this level. Aim is not that good but not that bad either. (8.60%)

Gold Nova 2(gn2) – The highest percentage of CS GO players are stuck at this rank. At Gold Nova 2, utilities are barely used but players gradually start to aim a bit better and develop some gamesense. (8.95%)

Gold Nova 3(gn3) – At Gold Nova 3 level, you would find average players. Players can aim well and team communication is a bit evident. (8.82%)

Gold Nova Master(gnm) – Players strive to improve their game and blend in with the higher ranked players and learn from them. (8.32%)

Master Guardian I (mg1)- At Master Guardian level, players start to aim well and understand the roles they are assigned in their team. (7.55%)

Master Guardian II(mg2) – It is all about team work at this stage. The better you co-ordinate, more the chances of winning. (6.44%)

Master Guardian Elite(mge) – Master Guardian Elites have the ability to aim well and to lead the team in-game. You are eligible to play with The Global Elite as well, without the need of a fully lobby. (5.27%)

Distinguished Master Guardian(dmg)- At Distinguished Master Guardian rank, you would come across the best teammates and opponents. It is all about team work, how well smokes and flashes are used and how well a site is rushed or defended. (4.15%)

Legendary Eagle(le) – Players at Legendary Eagle rank are mature and are familiar of every smoke and wallbang spot in almost every map. They have the gamesense and the skills to help their teammates and win rounds for their team. (3.14%)

Legendary Eagle Master(lem)- At this level, it is all about skills. They are not afraid to take risks and can clutch in almost every situation.(3.20%)

Supreme Master First Class(smfc) – The games are tense, tough and fun to play. Patience is the key to open up rounds. With the best players around this rank, you can not afford to make any mistake. (2.54%)

The Global Elite (ge)- The name “The Global Elite” speaks for itself. You will find all the professional and worldie players here. There is still room for improvement to rank yourself among the world’s best. (0.71%)

Prime Matchmaking:

Valve introduced Prime Matchmaking system to CS GO to allow for better matchmaking and environment to play in. Players have to earn xp and rank up to private ‘Lieutenant Rank 21’ to be eligible to upgrade their account to Prime. Prime requires your phone number to be associated with your account which helps to reduce the amount of cheaters as they are not able to use the same number on any other account again if their main account is VAC (Valve Anti-Cheat) banned or convicted by OW (Over Watch). All the accounts associated with the number are banned. If you choose prime, you will only get opponents and teammates who are prime only. Prime competitive games tend to have less hackers when compared to “Trust factor matchmaking”.

Trust Factor Matchmaking:

Trust Factor Matchmaking is a new method recently introduced by Valve to make matchmaking experience better for people who are both, Prime or Non-Prime. Players have the option to choose if they want to have a prime game or not. Valve has not exactly disclosed what factors lie in trust factor matchmaking.

Private Rank 2/Fresh accounts:

Fresh accounts only have CS GO added in them, with the game not played at all. As competitives can only be played with your account having private rank 2, the accounts with private rank 2 done in them are competitive ready and do not require any play time at all for xp.

In online gaming, a smurf is an experienced player who uses a new account to deceive other players into thinking he’s a noob (newbie). The purpose is usually to play against less skilled opponents who will under-estimate the ‘smurf’. The expected result is that the smurf will pwn (dominate) his opponents and humiliate them further as they have been now beaten by an apparent noob.